Public & Private School Programs


Woodsong Nature School will come to your schoolyard or classroom, or meet you afield! The following standards-based programs are available. We’ll work with you to create just the right experiential program for your grade level, time frame, and group size! We can even combine subjects.
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FEE: $75/hour (1 classroom)


As Linda shared her excitement and joy of the world and nature around us, it came alive in a new way. My kids learned so much from her creative, energetic, education packed programs... they were 100% engaged, every class.
- Tracy Hamburger, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Awesome Orienteering

Learn to find your way using the sun, landmarks, and with map and compass. Simple course with treasure hunt included. Compasses provided.

Creek Critters

Using kicknets and dipnets, we’ll investigate life on and under the water’s surface. Check out the creek’s chemistry and learn how certain macroinvertebrates are indicators of water quality. (Must have
access to creek or transportation off-site.)

Dipnetting for Dragonflies

We’ll dip our nets into flatwater (not running away like a creek!) and look for dragonfly nymphs, other invertebrates, amphibians, and more! Games and food webs included. (Must have access to lakeshore or transportation off-site.)

Geology Rocks

Play the rock cycle game, watch rocks fizzle and float, learn everyday uses of minerals, and more!

Moon Madness

Come learn about LUNA-our moon!  We’ll cover lore, discover the moon's phases, its effect on the ocean's tides and much more!  We'll conclude by making a "phase wheel" to keep.

Outdoor Skills

From shelter building, and starting a fire without matches, to rope making, knot tying, and more, we’ll get you ready for outdoor adventure! (Must have access to woodland or transportation off-site.)

Owl Pellet Pickin’s

Students discover an owl's diet by dissecting pellets--the undigested bones and fur which owls regurgitate hours after their nightly hunt.  We'll identify skulls and bones found in pellet “packages,” discuss predator-prey relationships & foodwebs.  (Students will share a pellet.)   


Skulls Sleuths

Let your class sink their teeth into this one.  Students will learn to distinguish between meat (carnivore) and plant (herbivore) eaters through observation of a variety of mammal skulls. Predator/prey game follows. 

SIZING UP The Solar System

We’ll have a gas learning about Uranus and Neptune and rock with Mercury and Mars! Learn fun facts about Earth's neighbors, marvel at their relative sizes and distances, and more!

The Water Cycle - An Incredible Journey

Come experience "The Incredible Journey" (Project Wet activity) by taking on the role of a water droplet and moving through the water cycle (glacier, ocean, cloud…)  Finally, we'll create a classroom “thunderstorm!”

Tracks and Scat

From fox to coyote to deer and raccoon, we’ll look at keys to identifying common animal scat and tracks through a variety of activities and games!

Tree Champs

Junior foresters will discover simple ways to identify several common trees and methods to estimating tree height and age! (Must have access to woodland or transportation off-site.)

Don’t see it here? Never fear… let us know how we can make nature come alive for your students!